1. Assemble Project Team within your organization.

  2. Coordinate project meeting within your organization.

  3. Contact all necessary sub-contractors for quotes on the project.

  4. After quotes are accepted, contact each sub-contractor for project meeting.

  5. During project meeting, coordinate time-tables for each sub-contractor's duties.

  6. Arrange to have storage crates delivered one (1) week prior to move.

  7. Instruct Department Managers to have their personnel complete packing one (1) hour before movers arrive.

  8. Movers will remove all crates from workstations/private offices and load onto moving trucks.

  9. Electrical/Communications will be disconnected and removed from workstations by appropriate sub-contractors.

  10. Furniture Installation company will arrive and break-down workstations and private offices.

  11. Furniture Installation company will load and deliver product to new location.

  12. Furniture Installation company will assemble workstations/private offices at new location.

  13. Electrical/Communications will be installed in your new location by appropriate sub-contractors.

  14. Movers will deliver and place storage crates in appropriate workstations and private offices according to personnel locations.

  15. Final walk-through and punchlist for project.
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